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Rename multiple files with Emacs dired

While adding text files from within a folder to a project file I noticed that the files in the folder were lacking naming consistency. Namely, there were files which had the .txt extension and files without extension, as shown in the image below: nil

Since there were about 100 files without extension I started asking myself: Is there a way to add .txt extension to those files without manually renaming each one?

Of course there is. Here's what I did using Emacs and dired:

  • M-x dired to the desired directory (obviously)
  • In the dired buffer enter the edit mode with C-x C-q
  • Go to the last file that has extension before the block of files without extension.
  • Starting from that file, place a mark and select the whole block of files without extension (the selection should include the last file with extension).
  • Narrow to the selected region using M-x narrow-to-region or C-x n n The buffer should look like the image below: nil
  • Move to the beginning of buffer using M-<
  • Start defining a new keyboard macro using C-x (
    • Move to next line using C-n
    • Navigate to the end of line using C-e
    • Add the .txt extension
  • Save the macro with C-x )
  • Now that I have a macro to add .txt extension to a file name I just need to run it as many times as there are unnamed files (100 in my case). To do so just C-u 100 F4. This will repeat the macro 100 times.
  • Once all the files are renamed exit the narrow-region using M-x widen or C-x n w
  • Save changes with C-c C-c

That's it!


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